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...if you are a business or technology visionary, have a look around, you may find something of value

What I do

In a world of niche specialists, somebody must specialise in the BIG picture and that is what I do. I also help construct Business and Technology Solutions that conforms themselves to organisations and help key people perform their jobs.


I help the right people solve complex business challenges.


I help design and construct large Business and Technology Solutions.


I help train Solution Architects and guide them reaching their full potential.


Getting new business endeavors of the ground and equiping them with ground breaking technologies.

Who I am

A very blessed person that has been doing this for more than 40 years. Along the way my path also crossed paths with very talented individuals with whom I share some of this work.

Entrepreneur, thinker, technology guru and aspiring dot-connector.

My travels taught me that anyone who says businessmen deal in facts, not fiction, has never read old five year projections and strategists approach statistics in much the same way a drunk approaches a lamppost... more for support than illumination.

I enjoy what I am doing and have realized long ago you could learn from everybody.

... my journey, right now

After a long period of working hard on global projects all around the world, I decided beginning of 2021 to cut-back, slow down a bit and pursue more of my passions.

In the words of Courtney Carver, "instead of working so hard to make ends meet, work on having fewer ends."

In a humble way it is also time to mentor more and give back some of my experience gathered over the years.

... the BOOK for Solution Architects

In the last throes of completeing my version of ultimate guidance on Solution Architecture, a number of you have asked for. I know many, many books are out there on the subject but few:

  • offer cookbook style knowledge
  • offer advanced crafting techniques
  • talk you through real-life practical cases

Ideally positioned to guide you to become a Master Solution Architect. Hopefully I can share soon where you can get a copy of the Book.

Acuworkflow Endeavor

In the last year and a bit co-creating a next generation backup platform for Smartsheet.

Recognised as a leading platform:

Take Action

Usefull businesses, places and collateral I created or co-created along the way.

  • AcuWorkflow

    Acuworkflow is providing a leading Backup platform called SmartBackup for Smartsheet with worldwide customers. more...

  • Senya, a business data Company is helping large organizations with complex data problems solve key challenges. more...

  • Collection of API services in support of the Party Model more...

    • get immediate 360 of business firebreak

    • goto tools for business and technology visionaries freshinsight
    • collection of architecture method and practices - quite old but may still have collateral you may find usefulleaMindShare
    • collection of blog posts - not recently updatedblogs
  • Some GitHub Repositories.github

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