One of the leading references in applied Enterprise/Solution Architecture. It offers a pragmatic guide/toolset for results driven architects.

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In popular lexicon, a group of people who operate with a great deal of synergy can be thought as having a mindshare. This is the ideal state of a group.

Philosophy and the Future

Feb 2014 · 2014
Small enhancements to 2011 Edition - Frozen for now. Will look into 2015 Release

Oct 2011 · 2011 Edition
General availability of the 2011 Edition of eaMindShare.

Jul 2011 · Update Template
for writing your Architecture monthly Management Report. Concise, high impact 3 page Word 2007 Template to deal with the pain of monthly management reporting. Download Now

Feb 2010 · Resource Blog
Created new Blog to act as an easy conduit for free, less complex tools for the aspiring & practising Enterprise/Solution architects. Access Now

Community Edition

In a humble way, the Community Edition is my endeavor to put something back into the industry that was so good to me over the last 30 years.