FireBreak Toolkit

Get an immediate 360 view of the state of your business. Firebreak is based on the Osterwalder model which creates a canvas that describes the rationale of how you create, deliver and capture value in your business. FireBreak developed by Deon Pollard is based on Research which uncovered new ways to more rapidly get the "state of the nation" of your business.

1 download components 2 optionally, upload results 3 shape insight

Understand your Business better!

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Business Statistics

Ideally suitable for Channel Partners, Business Owners and Partner Specialists that need to review where their Practice/Business ARE and where they want TO-BE. Below is the current indices for overall Business Health.

fbIX measurements are real-time calculated from the firebreak uploaded measurements. In the event that you have assigned a name to it, you may review its standing.

About FireBreak as a Service

“State of the Nation” Dashboard with active comparisons that shows your business end to end with indicators showing degree of health. Within 30 minutes you can get “same-page” thinking around the issues at hand and what areas in your business to tackle to remediate.

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